2-May 2015

New project: In a previous life I spent my days working with everything I had to find answers. The role – a traffic officer (police, not a highways mask) – was often mocked as being the anally retentive evil doer of the ticket giving variety. The reality was that I had the pleasure of working with a group of mostly hard working individuals who spent their time being determined professionals desperate to make life safer and to find answers when individuals lost their life on the roads.

I had the privilege of running investigations in to road deaths as well as being a family liaison officer. These two roles often led me to be amazed by and very concentrated on learning all I could from the scenes of fatal collisions. These places are parts of our communities that we use every day and that we live in and are part off. For a few hours they become crime scenes and then are released back to our communities where, for most life goes on. The transient nature of these places has always fascinated me and so it was this that I chose to explore in this photographic project.

This project is in part a reflection, but also a small tribute, looking back at what I used to do with what I now do and tipping my cap to those who continue to do the ‘job.’ whilst respecting those who have passed on in these places.

Until next time – here’s the project