9 eyes and a photobook

Today saw me purchase a copy of the Paris Photo award nominated book ‘Erasure,’ by the very talented Fazal Sheikh. There is always something special about receiving a new piece of work.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with it over the next few days.  The work comes as four volumes in one and, ‘explores the anguish caused by the loss of memory by forgetting, amnesia or suppressionand the resulting human desire to preserve memory, all seen through the prism of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.’

In addition to a work that I’m about to spend time with I thought it only fair to share one we all can. Jon Rafman’s project Nine Eyes of Google Street View is a now well know and brilliant piece of work.  If you’re yet to have a look, please do and if you have already, I implore you to do so ago.  There are a number of other good works using this modern version on the medium, but this work strikes well with me.  It seeks not to explore a narrative or particular subject other than that of the medium itself and perhaps also our need for constant input from things we would otherwise not know without the photograph.  The resulting work is fascinating, well edited and speaks well to the nosey part of us…. enjoy

9 eyes and a photobook

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