A new project

An idea can, for me, sit in my head or on one of my lists, then in the many moments of wondering I have each day, some turn in to more.  One such idea has been doing this consistently and so I am going to move it to the top of the list.

I currently live in an area considered by various reports to be the, ‘best’ in the country.  This is worked out by some mathematical work looking at life expectancy, access to a range of elements and more.  Given we live with some of the highest standards of health care and wealth in the modern world in the UK, this must make us amongst the top percentage in the world within the context of the studies.

I’m taken however, not only by the idea that a study can assess this and the relativity projected by the idea, but also that, if taking them to be correct in some sense, what does this look like.  I’d like to explore the community make up, the social concerns and relatives issues through photography.  I have chosen to keep this within the people that make up the community and so the project will form portrait studies, with more detail to follow.  For now, watch this space and very soon there will be the opportunity to be a part of the project too.

All the best, Mark

A new project

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