From 19th April – Happy Easter

19-April 15

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Easter. This time of the year brings people together through faith or otherwise and I hope you had a enjoyable time. I’ve been busy during the holidays, working on a number of projects. None of them are in a state to show you at the moment, but so I thought I’d share with you a little bit of inspiration – my favourite photographer…..? Maybe

This is not an easy title. Music is a big part of my life and I can still not label one track or band as my favourite. It is the same with photography, so I start, especially for those who are new to the word of documentary photography, with one of the three photographers, who along with the amazing Szarkowski who produced the exhibition, New Documents, that changed the world as far as photography stands.

The photographer I choose is Garry Winogrand. I implore you to spend 15 minutes googling his images and at least an hour or two looking at them and considering them. He had an amazing talent and his work is still being produced, as seen by those of us who made the trip to Paris recently. I would argue that the other two photographers, Arbus and Friedlander probably had a little something extra about their work, but for me Winogrand’s work connects emotionally and is utterly superb.

Little known fact…… Joel Meyerowitz was asked to be the forth artist, but didn’t feel he was ready and so politely declined. It wasn’t a bad decision if you look at his amazing work, but a big call for a young artist.

Until next time…..

From 19th April – Happy Easter

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