28 May 2015

I wanted to create a discourse about beauty using the flower. The flower, the signifier of much around ‘beauty’ is still vulnerable to distortion through decay or the use of the photographic medium, and yet it seems to retain what it signifies, based largely on our cultural references. Even in removing the outward beauty in some, (not all to allow some journey in the concept,) the image remains something beautiful. As Susan Sontag said, ‘Nobody exclaims, ‘Isnt’t that ugly! I must take a photograph of it.” Even if someone did say that, all it would mean is: “I find that ugly thing . . . beautiful.” (Sontag, 1977) While I don’t know that that holds as true in the modern world with so much photography and the constant need for spectacle on social media, I did want to explore that idea as part of the context.
They also work aesthetically to create interesting images. I hope you enjoy.



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